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Pregnancy is such a beautiful and exciting period in a woman’s life. At Mat-Su Midwifery and Family Health, we are proud to offer care for women in every stage as they grow their families, from prenatal to birth, postpartum and beyond. Our mission is to provide holistic care that strives for optimal health for both mother and child. Through educational classes, routine exams, and more, our midwives give expectant mothers the health care, support, and education they need to make the best choices for both themselves and their babies. 

For additional resources and classes, contact HeartReach Alaska!

Keeping You & Baby Healthy & Happy

Group Centered Pregnancy Care

Our prenatal care includes lab services, ultrasound, nutritional education, educational classes, and more, to ensure you and your baby are as healthy as possible leading up to birth. We now offer Centering Pregnancy, prenatal care which combines individual examinations and check-ups as well as group sessions with a health provider and other women who are in similar stages of pregnancy. Centering Pregnancy allows you to connect with others and learn about pregnancy, birth, and caring for your newborn, so you feel prepared when the big day comes!


We offer women a wide range of birthing options, based on your unique needs and desires. 


Our postpartum support includes education to answer your most pressing questions about your newborn and your personal care after birth. 

Pregnancy Classes

Healthy Pregnancy Class

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Suitable for any client/couple of childbearing age seeking to optimize health.

This informative class (that includes dinner!) will teach you a holistic approach to optimize health in the childbearing years. We will talk about what to eat, how to move, and the importance of de-stressing. This class is full of helpful tips; pick your favorites and start improving your health today!

3rd Trimester Class

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This is a comprehensive class designed to prepare you (as much as possible) for labor, birth, and your first week with your baby. We will review the physiological process of labor and birth, as well as discuss helpful coping techniques and ways to encourage your labor to be most effective. We will practice good positions for labor and birth, and how partners can support and take part in this amazing process. You will soon be the expert on your unique child, but we’ll give you some basic pointers to get started.

36 Week Workshop

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This is a fun way to review the required paperwork in preparation for labor and birth. We will discuss possible complications and how we would handle them, your preferences for labor (birth “plan”), and the choices you have for newborn care. Feel free to attend anytime between 30 and 38 weeks (preferably by 36 weeks).

Facility Tour

Are you wondering if a birth center birth would be the right fit for you? Are you curious about birth centers and would like to talk with a midwife about the care they provide? 

We would like to invite you to come tour our birth center.  Stop by during business hours or call and schedule an appointment. 


Group Centered Prenatal Care

“Centering Pregnancy” comes from the belief that healthcare should be centered or focused on the pregnant women.

Session 1(12-16weeks): My Pregnancy: What’s most important? Common Discomforts, Prenatal Testing, Body Changes in Pregnancy, Taking Care of Your Back, Healthy Lifestyle Choices

Session 2(16-20weeks): My Personal Goals, Food Diary, Nutrition, Healthy Gums & Teeth, Size Your Servings

Session3(20-24weeks):  Relaxation: Managing Stress, Thinking About Breastfeeding, Mental Relaxation,                              Breastfeeding My Baby,  The Family I Want To Have,  Thinking About My Family/Responsibilities

Session 4(24-28weeks): Family Planning and Safe Sex, Sexuality, Keeping Myself Safe and Healthy, Preterm Labor, Thinking About My Family, Domestic Violence and Abuse

Session 5(26-30weeks): Comfort During Labor, Labor, Birth Facility, Breathing, Medications for Labor and Birth, When to Call

Session 6(28-32weeks): Labor Decisions and The Birth Experience

Session 7(30-34weeks): Decisions After the Baby is Born, The Newborn’s First Days, Planning Pediatric Care, Caring For Your Baby, Circumcision, Brothers and Sisters, Newborn—When to Call

Session 8(32-36weeks): Pregnancy to Parenting Transition, Feelings, Kick Counts, Emotional Adjustments, Baby Blues, Pregnancy—When to Call

Session 9(34-34weeks): Thinking Ahead, Putting It All Together, Newborn Safety, Infant Massage

Session 10(36-40weeks): My Baby’s Birth, Newborn Care, Growth & Development—The First Month, Newborn—When to Call, New Mom—When to Call, All About My Baby





For more information about our midwives or classes, or to schedule an appointment, contact us today at 907-373-3420. We look forward to meeting you and your growing child!

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