Experience Your
Pregnancy With Us

Experience Your Pregnancy with Us

Mat-Su Midwifery & Family Health looks forward to providing care before, during, and after your pregnancy! We offer pregnancy and postpartum support and education. Let our experienced team be a part of this beautiful and exciting period of your life!

Our birth center is located in Wasilla, AK. Speak with us today to schedule an educational appointment or tour of our facility!

Midwifery in Wasilla, AK | Mat-Su Midwifery & Family Health

Our Birthing Center

Are you curious if delivering at a birth center would be the right fit for you? Are you curious about the benefits of a birth center? Mat-Su Midwifery Birth Center offers three peaceful suites to choose from for your birth experience. Our team looks forward to guiding you around our relaxed birthing environment!


Our Mat-Su Midwifery Birth Center is one of five CABC accredited birth centers in the state of Alaska and the only CABC accredited birth center in the Mat-Su Valley.Here are a few examples of how the Commission for the Accreditation of Birth Centers (CABC) ensures dedication to exceptional care for you and your baby.

The standards require best practices in maternity care, so that CABC accredited birth centers can keep up with the latest research.

Because CABC accredited birth centers have proper training and equipment (which meets another standard), they can provide safe care in emergencies.

CABC Accreditation also requires that CABC accredited birth centers use a shared decision-making process, which helps them better understand what you need as they work with you through your pregnancy, labor, birth, postpartum and new parent experiences. (https://birthcenteraccreditation.org/)


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Midwifery in Wasilla, AK | Mat-Su Midwifery & Family Health

Our Prenatal Care Services

While pregnancy is an inspiring time in life, it can also be stressful and scary as your body changes! Our prenatal care looks at the whole person to educate our clients and involve them in the care process throughout pregnancy and into postpartum.

Mat-Su Midwifery & Family Health will be alongside you every step of the pregnancy as your guide, support, and advocate. Our mission is to provide holistic care that provides optimal health for both the mother and child. Our midwives are here for expecting mothers from educational classes, routine exams, and more!


We Offer Group Prenatal Care!

In addition to traditional one-on-one care, Mat-Su Midwifery & Family Health offers group prenatal care. Our group prenatal care leads to greater participation, education, and self-confidence throughout the pregnancy, decreases the rate of preterm and low-weight births, builds a supportive community of friends sharing a season of life, and offers protected time for mom (and partner) to focus on the baby.

Session 1 (12-16 Weeks)

  • My Pregnancy
  • What’s most important?
  • Common Discomforts
  • Prenatal Testing
  • Body Changes in Pregnancy
  • Taking Care of Your Back
  • Healthy Lifestyle Choices

Session 2 (16-20 Weeks)

  • My Personal Goals
  • Food Diary
  • Nutrition
  • Healthy Gums & Teeth
  • Size Your Servings

Session 3 (20-24 Weeks)

  • Relaxation: Managing Stress
  • Thinking About Breastfeeding
  • Mental Relaxation
  • Breastfeeding My Baby
  • The Family I Want To Have
  • Thinking About My Family/Responsibilities

Session 4 (24-28 Weeks)

  • Family Planning and Safe Sex
  • Sexuality
  • Keeping Myself Safe and Healthy
  • Preterm Labor
  • Thinking About My Family
  • Domestic Violence and Abuse

Session 5 (26-30 Weeks)

  • Comfort During Labor
  • Labor
  • Birth Facility
  • Breathing
  • Medications for Labor and Birth
  • When to Call

Session 6 (28-32 Weeks)

  •  Labor Decisions and The Birth Experience

Session 7 (30-34 Weeks)

  • Decisions After the Baby is Born
  • The Newborn’s First Days
  • Planning Pediatric Care
  • Caring For Your Baby
  • Circumcision
  • Brothers and Sisters
  • Newborn—When to Call

Session 8 (32-36 Weeks)

  • Pregnancy to Parenting Transition
  • Feelings
  • Kick Counts
  • Emotional Adjustments
  • Baby Blues
  • Pregnancy—When to Call

Session 9 (34-34 Weeks)

  • Thinking Ahead
  • Putting It All Together
  • Newborn Safety
  • Infant Massage

Session 10 (36-40 Weeks)

  • My Baby’s Birth
  • Newborn Care
  • Growth & Development—The First Month
  • Newborn—When to Call
  • New Mom—When to Call
  • All About My Baby

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